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 Keep your passwords safe!

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PostSubject: Keep your passwords safe!   Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:09 am

Lately, we have witnessed an increased activity in account hackings, resulting from easy to guess passwords and/or unsecured MSN accounts.

This is just a reminder that you should keep your password secure and do not give your password out to anyone, make it random letters, numbers and special characters, so it's hard to guess.

Same goes for the "Secret Question" in MSN/eMail accounts. Things like "Where were you born? - Huntsville" are too easy and will definitely be guessed if people keep trying. Instead of the above, use a completely random phrase, that has nothing to do with the original question, yet is easily answerable by yourself.
Example: "Where were you born? - r0flm@o&&dunn034" (Note that this is just an example, do not use this example as your answer!)

Also, use different passwords for different places you go to! Do not use the same password for your MSN and forum accounts, and do not use the same password in multiple forums!

If your account on this forum gets in the hands of a hacker, the account in question will be banned immediately. In that case, please contact the staff via the contact form and provide proof that you are the original owner, then an unbanning might be possible.

Thanks for your attention.
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Keep your passwords safe!
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